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Information Technology
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Upgrades, Repairs, Service & Maintenance
We will upgrade or install memory, hard disk drives or even a new CPU to give your PC new life, resulting in faster performance and greater capability, and make it ready to accept some of the new operating systems like Windows XP. We can install or upgrade most software applications like MS Office as well as operating systems like Windows XP. We can diagnose and repair most hardware and software problems. We can run diagnostic and maintenance utilities and process improvement routines to make that slow old PC as fast as the day it was purchased.

Installations from Printers & PCs to Networks
Whether your system is fresh out of the box, or needs to be moved from one location to another, we will take care of your hardware and network installations including the setup and configuration of the necessary software drivers and applications.

Desktop Support / Troubleshooting
Call us with any computer related problems and we will troubleshoot and diagnose them over the phone. We can even connect to your PC remotely and often resolve the problems in that manner. If necessary, we will send a technician to your location to resolve the problems or present you with solution options.

Networking Setup and Maintenance
A network was once something only for big businesses. Now, an economical network can be utilized by small businesses and home users. A network saves time, money, and duplication by sharing one Internet connection, as well as easy access and sharing of files and folders, printers, and other peripherals like scanners and CD drives. The unsightliness and hassle of a tangled mess of wires is no longer a concern because wireless networks are now affordable and efficient. For businesses, a network is a necessity due to the need for quick access to important information to remain competitive. A network makes vital data secure and available to all authorized users for updating as well as viewing.

Computer Training
We will provide customized PC training for individuals or groups for many software applications like MS Office as well as operating systems like Windows XP. Application Development...

Web Site Design
Whether you are looking to have a small web page to share pictures with friends and family, have a business brochure or catalog to be made available on the web 24 hours a day or create a full blown database driven web-enabled application, we can help you. The possibilities of a web site can range from the very simple to the extremely complex — depending on your needs and objectives. We have designed an entire website that describes and simplifies many of the website possibilities for you. It includes everything from domain registration, to hosting, design, promotion, maintenance and competitive pricing. At our dedicated web design & hosting website you can review our many possibilities and solutions.

Database Design
Has your data become unruly? Are you having a difficult time finding the information that you “know you have somewhere”? Are you finding duplicated information in multiple places? It may be time to consider a database system. We have 20 years of experience creating databases from the simple single table to complete relational multi-table databases.

Business Automation
Have you ever found yourself doing repetitive tasks on a PC and saying “I thought this is what computers are supposed to do...make this easier for me”? Well, you are probably right! We can analyze your tasks, propose an automated solution and then implement it for you.

...and More!

Custom Built Computers
We can custom build a desktop PC or server that matches your specifications.

Hardware & Software Sales
We can provide you with very competitive prices on hardware, software and electronics.

Research & Purchasing
After listening to your product needs we will carefully research and select a product that matches your needs and budget. We then search hundreds of sources to obtain the best possible price.

Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design
We've been producing graphic design elements and desktop publishing documents since 1988. Modern software advancements now enable most people to tackle this task themselves. But doing-it-yourself comes with the steep price of time and effort to learn the software and acquire (by trial and error) the knowledge and skill necessary to create quality graphics and desktop published documents. We will create professional world-class, desktop published documents or graphics for all of your business or home needs.

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